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The popularity of reinforced concrete as a construction material peaked in the sixties and seventies, coinciding with a massive development boom all over Europe -- on both sides of the Iron Curtain. This gave rise to Brutalism, a late offshoot of the Modernist style that made interwar architecture so distinct. Criticized by many, especially in Eastern Europe where it's associated with the Communist disdain for humanity, Brutalist buildings nevertheless have a distinctive personality that makes them as memorable as they are photogenic.

In an attempt to recapture some of that magic, I created a collection of 3D models depicting buildings from various categories, but all in the same style. They are untextured; they shouldn't need texture -- that's part of the point with Brutalism. They're also stylized, to capture the essence without too much effort. Imperfect, too, but hopefully you'll find them useful anyway.

Enjoy, and thank you.

(Archives include the models in STL format, and the Python scripts used to generate them, respectively. Made with the py2stl library from the Stereo Imagination project.)


stl-only.zip 24 kB
brutalism-source.zip 5 kB

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