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I played the ZX Spectrum version a bit.

Nice game! You use the limited possibilities of the hardware really well.

The game is very easy to get started but becomes really difficult fast. So far I did not manage to come deeper then level 5.

Could you tell me please if the statues and fountains you enconter from time to time have any meaning or are purely decorative?

P.S.: The link to the BASIC compiler you've used is broken. I'd love to have a look into this as well.

Thanks for the nice words! Sorry you found the difficulty too high. It felt right to me... And no, the statues and fountains are purely decorative in this game. It was a while ago and I had less experience. Also, not much room to work with (the game barely fits in RAM). As for the link, thanks again! I had updated it on the game's homepage, but not here. Good catch!


It's not too hard. I'd say its perfect for an RL. I just causaly played a little before I went to bed yesterday, so don't worry.

The movement speed and the waiting before you can start walking again kinda killed this.

Try running it in a sped-up emulator? I can't provide the option in the browser-embedded version, and it's slower than a desktop emulator in the first place.

I ran it on dosbox and still the stopping for several seconds every couple of steps was annoying. I think that's what kinda kills it most. I wanted to like it but it was just too slow : /

Oh, all right. Unfortunately the DOS build can't be sped up. Sorry about that.