LGO-40 is a turtle graphics calculator with 40 keys (hence the name), each of them having a single purpose. That limits the number of features, but also makes operation very simple.

You can use LGO-40 in several different ways. For one thing, the lower half of the keyboard can be used on its own as an expression calculator:

<code>1 * 2 + 3 * 4 + 5 * 6 + 7 * 8

(Press ENTER to perform the calculation, and again to bring back the last calculation entered.)

But you can do more than that! Matrices, for instance:

<code>REPEAT 5 [ SETCURSOR # * 5 0 PRINT # PRINT # * # PRINT # * # + # ]

(You can use a full arithmetic expression anywhere LGO-40 expects a number. Press SPACE to separate adjacent numbers. Within a REPEAT loop, # stands for the current iteration number, starting from 1.)

For less regular numeric sequences, use FOREACH:

<code>FOREACH [ 3 5 7 ] [ PRINT [ # ? # + ? ] ]

(PRINT can take either one number or else a list of numbers. Use the HOME and CLEAN commands to reset the text cursor and clear the screen, respectively.)

And then, of course, LGO-40 can do turtle graphics!

<code>REPEAT 10 [ REPEAT 4 [ FORWARD 100 RIGHT 90 ] RIGHT 36 ]

The drawing commands are largely like in Berkeley Logo, except you set the pen mode with SETPENMODE 1, 2 or 3 for "paint", "erase" and "reverse", respectively. Also, SETPENSIZE only takes one number.

Last but not least, you can of course combine text and graphics:


It's just hard to align the text and graphics because they use different coordinate systems: the text cursor starts at 0 0 in the top left corner, for 20 rows and 25 columns, while the turtle's home is in the center of a 450x360 screen.

And that's about all. Enjoy!

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Published84 days ago
AuthorNo Time To Play
TagsEducation, Mouse only
LicenseMIT License
Average durationA few seconds
InputsMouse, Touchscreen
AccessibilityBlind friendly

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