Lost in the Jungle is a silly little adventure, a coffeebreak survival game that plays best on a smartphone. It’s based on the 8-bit prototype of the same name I wrote for a game jam.

See inside for instructions and credits. The average game takes about five minutes, and difficulty errs on the side of easy. You can and will lose however: Lost in the Jungle doesn’t play itself! In particular, pay attention to the various messages indicating changes in your character’s condition, because your strategy depends on knowing where you stand.

(Cover art partly based on a public domain graphics pack.)

Development log


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I press "play" and "let's go". Then it tells me "game not started please select play" (IE11 (at work) and IE on WinPhone8.1)

Edit: I played the ZX Spectrum version now

Sorry to hear that. It's possible the game throws an exception at that point on recent versions of IE, but I don't have access to a Windows machine. See if you can find a "JavaScript console" option in the Tools menu or thereabouts and find out what the browser is complaining about.