Welcome to Make-a-Maze! Sit a while and relax. It's not a game, but more like a toy, and a simple one at that: you can place columns in a virtual space to form corridors (or anything else you like) then walk through the resulting landscape in first person. Maybe challenge a friend to cross your maze in the smallest number of steps? Either way, the point is to have a little fun like in the old days when computers were 8-bit and plugged into a TV.

How to play

(For certain values of play.)

Why, simply move around with the arrows or WASD, and use the spacebar or Enter key to toggle a column under the cursor. That would be the green triangle pointing down, by the way. The "home" tile at 0, 0 is fixed in place. When ready, press Escape to toggle first-person view. In this mode, + and - toggle the grid spacing instead of zooming in and out, while space or enter toggle collisions. Press Escape again to resume editing. You'll be placed back to where your cursor was.

If playing on a touchscreen device, you'll have to use the on-screen buttons instead. The display should adapt to a wide range of resolutions. Landscape orientation is preferred at any size.


Make-a-Maze is meant as a showcase and testbed for the Eightway Engine project, and uses graphics cribbed from Electric Rogue. A future version should have dedicated tiles for editing mode, and possibly even theming.

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