TB-40 is a Tiny BASIC-programmable calculator with 40 keys (hence the name), each of them having a single purpose. That limits the number of features, but also makes operation very simple.

For that to work, TB-40 gives up comments and character strings, but in return each keyword has a dedicated key. PRINT 2 + 2 ENTER is literally just five keystrokes! Moreover, TB-40 supports floating point numbers, unlike the original version of the language.

Most of the time you're probably going to use TB-40 like in the above example, to compute immediate expressions, with the added ability to store intermediate values in variables. But you also have a fully working Basic interpreter, capable of running programs such as:

10 INPUT A , X
20 IF A > X THEN LET A = A - X
30 IF X > A THEN LET X = X - A
40 IF A <> X THEN GOTO 20

that gives you the greatest common divisor of two numbers by Euclid's algorithm.

A few tips:

  • To delete a line of code, enter just the line number without any content.
  • The CLEAR statement erases both the program and variables.
  • Using RUN in a program (as opposed to interactively) will mess things up.

That's about it. Enjoy!

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Published91 days ago
AuthorNo Time To Play
TagsEducation, Mouse only
LicenseMIT License
Average durationA few seconds
InputsMouse, Touchscreen
AccessibilityBlind friendly

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