The time of an idea

When I released the first alpha of Tee-Wee Editor last Saturday, I didn't expect to follow up with version 1.0 in less than a week. Let alone to see it gain a first user (and a first story made with it) within the same week.

Tee-Wee Editor can be traced back to many experiments over the years, and many things I wrote about interactive fiction. Its time had to come however; before this winter, I wouldn't have thought to make a tool like this designed specifically as part of an ecosystem.

Good thing I did, because a surprising number of people seem to need this kind of alternative.

Tee-Wee Editor is very simple; that's a feature. It's also rough around the edges, having just landed. That people can and are using it already goes to show how little we need... and also how much we need it.

It's a good feeling, seeing your work validated like that. Thank you all. Can't wait to see what this leads to, in the way of new works and more.


tee-wee-1_0.pyz 30 kB
Apr 03, 2020

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I've been enjoying using Tee-Wee Editor, and believe it's the best tool I've found for working with the narrative flow of a story game. Thanks again for your hard work.