Imagine a turn-based game as alert and dynamic as any action RPG; it just waits for you to move. Imagine a game that takes good old ASCII art and lends it a new dimension — literally. This is Glittering Light 2: a coffeebreak rogue-lite that blends tradition and modernity. A few highlights:

  • simple rules that allow for strategy without overwhelming the player;
  • controlled with the arrows and three other keys, or the on-screen buttons;
  • abstract, surreal premise that doesn't detract from the gameplay;
  • colorful, richly decorated levels with a different layout every time;
  • played in short bursts; option to replay the same game and get farther.

The game requires a modern web browser, such as Opera 58 or Palemoon 28; also tested on Android 5.1 with the latest FOSS Browser.

As of 7 February 2020, 12 February 2020, the game is complete as originally intended.

How to play

You can control the game with the on-screen buttons, or else the keyboard:

  • arrow keys or WASD to move;
  • spacebar to attack / pick up items / interact;
  • Enter to wait a turn;
  • Escape to bring up the game menu;
  • in the menu, both space and Enter select, while Escape exits.

Walking over items also picks them up. Hidden command: the Tab key takes you straight to the minimap from anywhere in the game.


Apart from the in-game help, you might want to know a few things:

  • The portal is always in the southwest corner of the level; you'll usually spawn somewhere close to it.
  • It's best to first explore the area around the portal, but sometimes one last pile of glitter will be all the way in the opposite corner.
  • Grace determines how many moves you get versus other denizens of the maze.
  • Said denizens become weaker every time you attack them; if they're already right next to you, it's often better to fight than run.
  • That said, their attacks also steal your available moves temporarily, and so slow you down.

The game doesn't have a last level; just go as far as you can every time. I can get to level 7 (give or take) on most playthroughs.


Powered by the EightWay Engine.

Bedstead font by Ben Harris.

Music: Atmospheric puzzles by legoluft.

Sound effects by:

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