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I love how this game looks!  The sounds can get a little annoying (specifically just the enemy spawning (?) "woo woo" sound) but it's nice to have the options to turn them off.  The only real complaint I have as a player is that the ship moves a bit slowly to dodge enemy bullets.  Also I was forced to use WASD because the arrow keys would scroll my browser around in addition to moving my spaceship.  Maybe that's just a Chrome issue.  

I had fun!

Yes, it is a Chrome issue. Sorry about that. And I wanted a game that requires a little planning, as opposed to reflexes, because mine were never so great, and now I'm over the age of 40. Glad you liked it though!


Great game, here's hoping for a Windows version sometime. :~)

Thanks for the nice words. Try the prequel, it has a Windows version.

Deleted post

Thanks for playing!


Sorry for bad playing.

However, I love the retro atmosphere.

As if I'm playing it any better. This is awesome, thank you so much! Glad you like it!


Great retro fun!

Thank you so much!