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I love how this game looks!  The sounds can get a little annoying (specifically just the enemy spawning (?) "woo woo" sound) but it's nice to have the options to turn them off.  The only real complaint I have as a player is that the ship moves a bit slowly to dodge enemy bullets.  Also I was forced to use WASD because the arrow keys would scroll my browser around in addition to moving my spaceship.  Maybe that's just a Chrome issue.  

I had fun!

Yes, it is a Chrome issue. Sorry about that. And I wanted a game that requires a little planning, as opposed to reflexes, because mine were never so great, and now I'm over the age of 40. Glad you liked it though!


Great game, here's hoping for a Windows version sometime. :~)

Thanks for the nice words. Try the prequel, it has a Windows version.

I can agree that you did what you wanted to do. A very simple shoot 'em up. It may look too simple for modern player but for the people who remember the days of flat, flashy games will be thrilled without doubt.

Thanks for playing!


Sorry for bad playing.

However, I love the retro atmosphere.

As if I'm playing it any better. This is awesome, thank you so much! Glad you like it!


Great retro fun!

Thank you so much!