Lost in the Jungle is a silly little adventure game for the ZX Spectrum, made with the BASin development environment and inspired by one of my old type-in books (40 de jocuri logice în Basic, by Ion Diamandi and Gheorghe Păun). The gameplay is significantly different, though, and the implementation is all my own.

How to play: get a move on every time you have the chance, but don't neglect rest, or your health. The game hints at how close you are to safety -- watch for the jungle growing less dense -- and tells you when you're starting to get tired. That happens more easily when you're hurt. Persist, there is an end to the journey.

This game was made specifically for the ZX Spectrum BASIC Game Jam, though it builds on gameplay concepts I've been pondering for a while now.

You can play the game online courtesy of the JSSpeccy emulator. BASIC source code is included in the snapshot; just end the game when prompted to, and list it. Use as you wish, and enjoy!

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AuthorNo Time To Play
GenreAdventure, Survival
Tags8-Bit, Retro, Text based, Turn-based, ZX Spectrum
Code licenseUnlicense
Average sessionA few minutes


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If not obvious from my entry, I loved playing text adventures as a child. (I sucked at them, but that's not the point...)

As a text adventure, it was atypical, but I liked that. At times it felt repetitive, making me wonder if there was an end, but that's the point. I did eventually roughly work out what was going on and got to the finish. It was fun, and I enjoyed it.

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Thank you very much for the kind words! I love mixing up genres, in games and books alike. Still wondering what to call this one, because it may be text-based and play like a CYOA game, yet it's hardly interactive fiction. Perhaps just "adventure", in the old sense of the word from before game genres had become so compartmentalized.

And you're right. Other people also complained that it's unclear if there's an end to reach, hence the brief instructions I added to the game page. A future version will make those more prominent and clear. Speaking of which: I have grand ideas for bigger and better sequels that will have a lot more content, therefore a lot less repetition.

Until then, however, can't wait to see your own next game. Cheers!

No problem, it's well deserved praise. I have to confess I love mixed up genres too; I think you're right about 'adventure'. Also looking forward to what you produce next.

Great idea implemented well.  Could do with a little expansion to safe the repetitiveness of events.  Is there an end to it I wonder - got as far as some ruins so far!


Thank you for the nice words! Yes, there is an end to the game. And you're right, ideally there should be a lot more encounters, but there where limits to what I could do for now.