Ramus is a template for hypertext fiction or games self-contained in a single web page. Emphasis on template: to make your own, simply replace the content of an existing document. All you need to know is plain old HTML.

Ramus was originally developed between 2011 and 2012, and saw use until the following year. The current version is a belated attempt to revive it after a 7-year hiatus, with new insights.

As of 20 April 2020, version 2.3 includes:

  • Kitty and the sea, a short but complete sample game ported to Ramus as a showcase.
  • The interactive guide (made with Ramus, of course), complemented by the link type reference and scripting reference.
  • A minimal template you can more easily use as a starting point.

(Older versions remain available on the project homepage.)

Speaking of which: when putting your own content into the Ramus template, the resulting work belongs to you; credit would be appreciated, but is not required. Do let other people know they can do the same in turn, if you please.

The sample game comes with its own license different from that of Ramus.


Since version 2.0:

  • stories written in plain old HTML;
  • node-by-node or add-to-end navigation;
  • mix and match navigation styles as needed.

Since version 2.1:

  • status line;
  • scoring and move counter;
  • tracking visited nodes.

Since version 2.2:

  • variables;
  • conditionals;
  • node inclusion.

Since version 2.3:

  • true / false literals;
  • increment / decrement commands;
  • random numbers;

(The sample game is largely based on version 2.0, with the addition of a status line.)


Sample game 24 kB
Documentation 7 kB
Starter template 8 kB

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